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Whole Foods and Stumptown Coffee | Afro-German - CT004

Episode Summary

In episode 4 we bring in a Stumptown Coffee haul from Whole Foods, discuss coffee carcinogens causing cancer, social media influence, and cultural appropriation.

Episode Notes

California Court Rulings to Label Coffee for Cancer Risk


American Institute for Cancer Research: Coffee Doesn’t need a Cancer Warning


On a “cancer worry” scale from 0 to 10, coffee should be solidly at 0 and smoking at 10; they should not have similar warning labels.

Instagram Influencers House Cleaning

Instagram is looking to clean house on fake accounts / fake influencers


Is Bruno Mars a Cultural Appropriator?

Watch The Grapevine video on YouTube as they discuss cultural appropriation


Stumptown Coffee

We brewed and sipped on Stumptown's DTLA blend as well as a Stumptown sparkling cold brew


Intro music credit:“Substance” by Grizzly Beats. Used under Creative Commons License.

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