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Skimo's Coffe Shop | Light Skin Coffee – CT014

Episode Summary

It's Scorpion season, so what better way to celebrate than sipping cappuccinos and lattes with a light skin guest from Canada while talking Drake, social media, and Greg's non-knowledge of the TV show “Friends.”

Episode Notes

Show Notes

03:36 You could say it's kind of diversity week here at Coffee Talky. Our guest this week is Ryan Shewchuk. With Jamaican roots and hailing from Toronto Canada, Shewchuk grew up here in Las Vegas and became good friend with George waaaaaay back in 4th grade. Listen up as he discuss his career in social media (12:06), his journey to Seattle and back again (07:09), and shares childhood stories with George. Be sure to check him out on Instagram @shewchuk

34:38 Greg and George argue about the definition of the word “tomorrow” after Greg doesn't make it to Skimo's Coffee Shop before the podcast. George and Shewchuk did, however, get to enjoy the offerings of Skimo's and sampled some fine beverages and picked up a few bags of Olympia Coffee.

56:21 Greg's never really watched the show Friends

1:03:04 What starts out as a discussion about Drake's new album, Scorpion, ends up leading down a lengthy road of discussion about rap, in general, and a pondering of how many female rappers there were in the 80s (1:30:57) vs. now.

1:44:45 How many cups of coffee do you drink per day

1:56:41 The Death of Lit, which pretty much means nothing to us old heads


Intro music credit:“Substance” by Grizzly Beats. Used under Creative Commons License.

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