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Sambalatte Fazenda Guariroba | The Best Syrup - CT005

Episode Summary

The ups and downs of podcasting are real! We talk about our failure recording Episode 5 the previous week, George's Chicago trip, the Barista Olympics, being black in Starbucks, and sip on Sambalatte's Fazenda Guariroba.

Episode Notes

Our Last Podcast – FUBAR

We had serious technical issues with our recording application, Adobe Audition, while recording episode 5 last week with our first guest. We have since switched over to Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack.

Barista Olympics

Agnieszka Rojewska is the 2018 London Coffee Masters Champion. George couldn't help but reminisce on his encounter with a “Dong Latte” years ago.

Black while in Starbucks

Two men were arrested in a Philadelphia neighborhood Starbucks for using the restroom and waiting at a table for a meeting with a colleague, but not ordering anything.

Sambalatte Fazenda Guariroba

George picked up a really nice bag of Fazenda Guariroba from Sambalatte on his way into the Coffee Talky studio.

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