Just The Drip

PublicUS – CT013

Episode Summary

We ventured into downtown Las Vegas and stopped by PublicUs Coffee for some great food, atmosphere ,and pour over. We also sample a Geisha varietal coffee for the first time.

Episode Notes

Episode 13 Summary

Another hot summer episode to listen to while you sit indoors and blast your AC. This week we talk about PublicUS Coffee in Downtown Las Vegas and step into the world of Geisha varietal coffee.

1:01 What does “For The Culture” Mean?!

A quick rap tangent to kick off the podcast

5:56 PublicUS Coffee in Downtown Las Vegas

Somewhat of a hidden gem in downtown Las Vegas, PublicUS sits on the northeast corner of Fremont and Maryland Pkwy. It's a very cozy coffee house with lots of coffee and food options to offer.

14:56 Kickin it with Kasina

My friend Kasina stopped by (not on the mic, unfortunately) and grabbed the coffee we had left over from last week's Average Joes episode. It will be going to good use, keeping our Clark County teachers caffeinated and on their A-game during the summer school months.

24:02 George Gets The $35 Bag

We enter a brand new world of Geisha varietal coffee

29:27 ”Epicurious: Coffee Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Coffee” on YouTube

Watched a very intriguing video on the Epicurious channel on YouTube of coffee expert Dilon Edwards guessing cheap versus expensive coffee.

35:30 What's Up With “Market Price” for a Cup of Coffee?

We finally realize why we've been seeing MP on many coffee menus lately

47:17 Bad Owl Coffee in Southwest Las Vegas

Stopped into Bad Owl Coffee's second location for a quick latte

49:08 XXXTentacion, Rap, and Mental Health

What's going on in rap music toady? Is the untimely death of XXXTentacion a wakeup call to today's rap youth, or a sign of what's to come?

58:11 Manual Labor Jobs / Carbon Fiber Knife

Todays' generation of kids are soft. Get out there and mow some lawns, plunge a toilet, or craft a carbon fiber knife