Just The Drip

Dogwood Coffee Co – CT019

Episode Summary

In episode 19 we sample Dogwood Coffee Co.’s Mixtape 25, discuss vices in Sin City, and await hate mail after dogging out the Black Panther movie. 0

Episode Notes

Time Stamps
:33 - Lil Boat needs to blow his nose. Riff Raff done changed. He in the cut at LifeTime Fitness. Seeing Ice T at LVAC

5:48 - Intro of the Coffee. Dogwood Coffee Co. Reading the tasting notes or the lack there of.

7:00 - Joe Budden’s move to Spotify. We talk about streaming services. Greg is on Spotify, George is on that iTunes family plan. Spotify has a better curation of music.

10:25 - Podcasts we like and the choice to podcast. Why people chose to start podcasting.

13:30 - We brought it back to Coffee and the tasting notes. Creating our own roasting business and the first roast will be “Full Size Male” - a full bodied coffee.

16:25 - Greg giving me the timestamp duties for this podcast and I'm killing the game so far. These notes are next level. Some would say the highest level ever. People have said. (Note from Greg: these timestamps will be off, post editing, and I refuse to re-timestamp. So please send all timestamp-related complaints to george@coffeetalky.com)

18:00 - We bout to get all up in the mix of controversy. We’re discussing the dating habits of a young female here in Las Vegas. 27yrs old. Please remember the term “With the Shits”.

25:00 - Greg weighs in on race definition, ethnicity and how he views the dating rules from the young female we discussed.

29:05 - Greg’s voice gets mad high. It’s worth a listen.

30:45 - George had an 18yr anniversary. Reactions of people in Las Vegas to hearing someone living in Vegas and being able to be married for 18yrs.

35:20 - Talking about controlling your vices in Las Vegas. You can either have self control or let Vegas take over. Greg dropped mad coin back in the day. #WildTurkey

38:10 - Best Coffee Maker in 2018 - Total click-bait. “Smart Coffee Maker”. Guess what. It ain’t that smart. https://apple.news/A2giedKnjQEOkS_X3doTi2g - we both agree this is pretty wack.

42:00 - The Ilsa Neopolitan - a new funky stove top coffee maker. Full review at the link. http://nymag.com/strategist/article/ilsa-neapolitan-coffee-maker-review.html

46:30 - Another “Dong Latte” reference. if you’re a fan of the show then you know the Dong Latte story from Sambalatte. This was a great day in history. Every so often the rest of the world gets to see dongs in their lattes. Barista trying to cover up a mistake in her foam game.

50:05 - Our in-house editor and Greg’s son, Point6, don’t like being referred to as Point6. Which is funny because his IG account is @Point6. Go give him a follow and let him know he’s doing great on the show edits.

51:50 - Paramount streaming app/service. Talking about a show on that service starring Kevin Costner. Yellowstone. The daughter in the show is a little crazy and a lot dirty. Greg watched Hostiles on Netflix w/ Christian Bale. Highly recommended.

55:15 - Greg worried about losing his “black card” for a negative review of Black Panther. He was not a fan. If this is on a 5-star rating system I think he may have given this a negative star.

1:00 - Why didn’t Black Panthers sister do more with Ironman. When will marvel make this connection. Captain American is a steroid abuser. Flaws in using “drugs” to create super heroes. Setting a bad example for the kids. And children are our future! Do better Marvel.

1:03 - Chris Rock is funnier than Seinfeld in stand up. Chris Rock’s movies are mostly not good.

1:05 - Talking about how a white dude went to a black barber shop and got a Bigen hair job done. If you’re not familiar with this do a search. Think Rick Ross or Michael Erving (Cowboys WR in the 90s)

1:06 - Greg gives a heartfelt “WE LOVE YOU” at the end of the show. Get your tissues ready.