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Desert Wind Coffee Traders | T$WAY Stops By – CT011

Episode Summary

We stopped in and checked out Desert Wind Coffee Traders in west Las Vegas, and a surprise guest stops by the podcast, unannounced.

Episode Notes

1:45 Guest Introduction: Todd Friedman

6:18 Desert Wind Coffee Traders
This week we visited Desert Wind Coffee Traders in west Las Vegas. A quiet little spot, it’s the home to a large variety of coffees and specialty coffee drinks.
Desert Wind Coffee Roasters
7772 W. Sahara Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Phone : 702.998.4222

12:32 Why Do You Drink Coffee?

18:44 $65 Bag of Coffee at The Coffee Bean

21:17 Desert Wind Coffee Traders (con't)

28:41 George met The Fat Jewish over the weekend

31:50 The Cold Brew On Tap 2.0 on kickstarter
We received a message from the creators of the Cold Brew On Tap System just after we released our cold brew episode (http://coffeetalky.com/post/episode-009-cold-brew-season-the-sweetness). We both loved the concept and each backed it on Kickstarter. If you’re looking to get into cold brewing, this is a great place to start! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1983727891/cold-brew-on-tap-20-at-home-cold-brewing-system

34:20 Seattle Cold Brew Haters

37:05 Our Guest Departs

38:30 Cold Brew On Tap 2.0 (con't)

41:20 We are clueless aboutSCA World Cup Championship in Dubai
Seriously, I retained nothing after reading that article. The segment was terrible enough to be slightly funny, so I simply sped up part of it, instead of deleting it, just for the sake of poor humor.

46:00 Woman Sh*ts On Floor In Tim Horton's
While the act is off-putting, this YouTube video mashing up the video with Kanye’s “Poopity-Scoop” song is pretty hilarious!

49:24 Pooping on the Beach In Mumbai
The title is fairly self-explanatory. Video here, on YouTube:

51:15 George Loves Planting Stuff

54:13 Storing Coffee Beans
Looking for a better way to store your coffee beans? Check out this article.

After recording the podcast, we came across this video from Seattle Coffee Gear, ft. Gayle, and this really looks to be the best way to store roasted coffee beans:

Intro music credit:“Substance” by Grizzly Beats.

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