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Cold Brew Season | The Sweetness CT009

Episode Summary

Summer is coming! As temps climbed into the low 90s, we decided it was time to start prepping for cold brew season. We talk home-brew vs. store bought and sample different serving options.

Episode Notes

Episode timestamps

4:17 - Greg's homemade cold brew

12:52 - Terrible wrestler

20:59 - Pros and cons of making your own home brew

26:12 - The in-laws Cuban coffee

30:12 - Rumchata?!

31:54 - Chameleon Organic Cold Brew Concentrate

35:19 - Gold Chains – The Gatekeeper

41:54 - Straining your cold brew

42:30 - Broken carafes – it’s an epidemic

45:34 - That bacon grease container next to the stove

58:45 - Cooking up simple syrups

1:03:15 - That Walter Payton “Sweetness”

1:06:20 - Mason jars

1:08:14 - “Drinking Hot Coffee Keeps You Cooler”

1:10:32 - “Cannabis Infused Coffee”

1:12:40 - Traffic Tickets

1:21:35 - New Barn Barista almond milk

1:25:28 - “Certain Food-Borne Pathogens Can’t Survive in Cold Brew”

1:27:18 - George ordered the American Press (hardware review coming soon)

1:34:18 - Shout Outs and Closing

Cold Brew Samplings

Home Brewing Notes:

Greg ended up steeping at a 1:8 ratio, roughly (12oz coffee:100oz water)

Steeped in a large, one-gallon glass jar

End product was slightly bitter – this was likely due to two factors:

Pros of making your own cold brew:

Cons of making your own cold brew:

We Sampled Cold Brew Coffee 3 Ways Today:

  1. Straight up
  2. With soda water
  3. With simple syrup and cream
    Drinking Hot Coffee Keeps You Cooler


Drinking Hot Coffee Keeps You Cooler

Getting into summer. People may not want to drink hot coffee when it’s 110° F out, but according to this hot drinks keep you cooler.

Chill Brew: Cannabis-Infused Cold Brew By Magic Number


Certain Food-Borne Pathogens Can’t Survive In Cold Brew, Says Science


American Press - New French press design/company/product


Product Links

Anchor Hocking Glass Jar with Hinged Lid

Bormioli Glass Pitcher (for storing your finished cold brew)

Nut Milk Bag (for easy filtering and straining of your cold brew)

Chameleon Organic Cold Brew Concentrate

Ball Glass Jars


Intro music credit:“Substance” by Grizzly Beats.

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