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(Captain) American Press Hardware Review - CT010

Episode Summary

French press or bench press? Well, we go one step further and test out the American Press! Also, we somehow talk Avatar and Avengers: Infinity War as well.

Episode Notes

00:00:34 The Avatar discussion that nobody asked for

00:06:46 The (Captain) American Press

The ”American Press” by Wayward Studios is a bit of a differentiated remix of the traditional French press that you’re used to. We discuss the design, concept, and even give a good ol’ review or our experience brewing with it.

If you like brewing with a French press, be sure to check it out at https://www.itsamericanpress.com/

00:31:00 Avengers Infinity War

SPOILER ALERT – if you haven’t seen Infinity Wars we give praise and talk trash about it here. Thanos kicked much superhero heinie, Dr. Strange don’t know what time it is, and the Battle of Naboo in Wakanda.

00:52:58 Ethipian Sidamo coffee from Sambalatte


00:56:07 Local coffee shop discussion

01:00:37 Tiki mugs

Tiki mug collection on stirandstrain.com

Custom Tiki sculptures, art, and drinking vessels by @vantiki