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Avery's Coffee – CT015

Episode Summary

We sip on a Guatemalan from Avery's Coffee here in Las Vegas, NV, and dig deeper into the plastic straw exodus being spearheaded in part by Starbucks.

Episode Notes

(5:44) George is in love with his heat-sustaining Ember mug

(8:43) we discuss the Guatemalan variety we brewed from Avery's Coffee Roaster

(15:17) Is “coffee lemonade” a thing? Well, not really, but at Jubala in Raleigh, North Carolina make something pretty darn close.

(26:24) A brief talk about Meek Mill's latest project, Legends of the Summer … and is “Intro” from Dreams and Nightmares (https://youtu.be/S8gfqs1-NuE) his most popular track?

(30:30) Coffee Drinkers Are More Likely To Live Longer. Decaf May Do The Trick, Too

(36:04) Starbucks Ditching Plastic Straws in all Stores by 2020

It appears Starbucks is attempting to take the lead on no longer serving plastic straws by – get this– replacing plastic straws with plastic lids. The video of a man removing a plastic straw from a sea turtle's nose is one of the most heartbreaking things we've ever watched.

(56:11) Starbucks to close 150 stores

(1:06:29) 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America

(1:09:33) Closing/Shout-Outs

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