Just The Drip

Average Joes | Just Regular Old Coffee – CT012

Episode Summary

We did the unthinkable and drank the dang-near undrinkable! We put down the designer brews and poured up Folger's, Maxwell House, and Don Francisco, for old time's sake.

Episode Notes

00:29 Intro + Random Holiday Character Rant

4:49 Folgers … It's Not Us, It's You

Making Coffee Tough To Enjoy Again

11:47 Tom Selleck

Celebrating Tom Selleck's chest hair and a grandma's libido

22:18 The House that Maxwell Built

Only slightly less harsh than Folger's, we still have nothing good to say.

26:16 George Drank McCafé During His Camping Trip

George Recaps his camping trip up in Zion National Park, and reveals his fondness for McCafé, preferably from a gallon-sized tub.

41:42 Greg's Long-winded Story About Hiking The Narrows

If there's one thing you know it's that Greg will be sure to bogart his time on the mic. This time, with a semi-unrewarding recap of hiking the famous Narrows river trail in Zion back in 2008.

48:58 Chocolate Covered Rocks

Sh*tty story

1:09:59 Don Francisco's

The least offensive of the bunch, Don Francisco's reigns supreme over the kingdom of Basic Grounds

1:13:43 Broccoli Latte

Still trying to figure out why anyone would make this, and why we would even spend 2 minutes discussing it

1:15:30 Solo movie

Greg offers his non-spoiler sentiments on Solo: A Star Wars Movie

1:38:49 Deadpool 2 movie

Greg offers even more inaccurate nerd thoughts on yet another movie: Deadpool 2 (non-spoiler)

1:39:39 Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds Theory

George is insecure, and wants to fight Channing Tatum

1:45:17 Football Tales

Drawing some sort of parallel between football and ending up in a role that you're built for … and possibly just grasping at straws in order to give this obnoxious episode any level of merit. If you made it this far, another 7 minute story won't hurt you.